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Father’s Rights


Father's Rights

When it comes to child custody and visitation, a common misconception is  that the father always gets the short end of the stick. Actually, this is not the case.  Fathers are entitled to the same rights that mothers are, and the Court system has a fairly objective system for determining these rights, which is called the “best interest of the child” standard.

We are the best choice to help you to fight for your child and shift any intrinsic biases and prejudices of the court to your favor and help you secure the rights you deserve.

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How We Help

Fast and Aggressive Tactics

We are serious about helping you win the rights you deserve. An Emergency filing may be the right choice when time is of the essence.

Contempt of Court

If the other parent is ignoring an existing court order, we will help you get them enforced. Parental alienation is a valid concern. This is where one parent uses psychological manipulation; intimidation; and controlling techniques to prevent a child from access to or forming a bond with the other parent.

Custody and Visitation Establishment

If you haven’t yet determined a parenting plan, we can help you put together a schedule that works for all parties involved. If a custody trial is required, we will thoroughly prepare for court and present your best case to the Judge. 

You have the right to fight for your child, to have solid access to your child, and to be well informed of all decisions affecting your child. 

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Modifying Custody

Susan Culpepper is a firm believer in cultivating strong father-child relationships. 

Some of the most important factors that a court will consider when deciding joint or sole custody are stability of the school; home and community environment; the emotional bond between parent and child. 

What Judges Want

What we have learned over years of practicing family law is that above all judges do not want to disrupt a child’s routine if he or she is functioning well in school and in the community. Whether you are going through a divorce or ending a relationship where sole or shared custody is at issue, we always advise that the parent seeking custody relocate in the same school district and general locale of the child so the judge does not have to make such a huge mental leap in modifying or awarding custody to a parent.

It is also important to show the court that you are willing to foster and encourage a positive relationship between the child and the other parent, and that you have the financial means and psychological stability to care for your child. 

Research shows children who have strong relationships with their fathers
tend to perform better in school, have healthier relationships with others,
and make better choices overall than children who don't.