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Child Custody

Custody Attorney in New Orleans


Child Custody Lawyers

In evaluating your child custody case, I will meet with you at length to make sure that you thoroughly understand that it is the best interest of the child standard that ranks first and foremost to the Judge and hopefully to you as a client.  At the end of the day, the Court does not care what you want or desire for your child.  Our job as your custody attorney is to convince the Judge that what you want is also in the child’s best interest in both the short and long run.  If the Judge does not believe that your ideal outcome is also what is in the child’s best interest, you will certainly lose your case.  

Younger Children

Cases involving younger children are analyzed more carefully given the risks of placing a younger and more vulnerable child in an unknown risk.  With all other factors being equal, Courts like to award custody to parents with qualities of financial and emotional stability.  If a child has lived with one parent for several years and is balanced, happy and doing well in school, the chances of a Judge rocking this boat are slim.   

Custody Key Standards

To get to the heart of the matter, I like to give my client’s a list of the key standards that Court’s use to analyze custody cases and ask you to take it home and write down all of the evidence and supporting arguments that can either hurt or help your case.   Then we will meet again to review the list and I will give you my honest feedback of how I think a Court will rule and your chances of prevailing in a custody trial.   

In evaluating the unique facts that are relevant to your custody case, you and I will formulate a plan that we are comfortable with and you will be clear on both the best and worst possible scenarios and all points in between, before we file our papers and head into court!