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Divorce Lawyers in New Orleans


Family Attorney


I will help you to choose a cost effective and practical strategy for manifesting your intention to end your marriage in the least painful way possible so that you can move forward with your life with confidence and ease.

This will involve:

  • One-on-one in depth meetings with you
  • Filing papers with the Court
  • Regularly corresponding with your spouse and/or his or her attorney
  • Preparing for and attending any scheduled court appearances necessary to advance your case
  • Organizing and presenting documents requested by the Judge
  • Preparing you, your witnesses, and your evidence for a trial  
divorce lawyers in new orleans and Jackson, Mississippi

Real v. Fiction

Courtroom dramas as seen on TV are extremely rare, as most of the work involved in obtaining divorce occurs between attorneys and behind the scenes.  

The Judge will only conduct a trial as a last resort, when all hopes for a settlement fade away.   This is why it is important to make sure that your attorney fully understands your intentions from the outset regarding the items you want to keep in the property division part of the divorce, your financial needs going forward, your ideas about home ownership, right down to what you want to do with pets, family photos, etc. 

Negotiations can range from both parties agreeing before the papers are even filed, to numerous correspondence between attorneys, to a more formal settlement conference with the Court before a trial date is set. 

Settlements Do Happen

In the event the parties agree to resolve all issues, the settlement documents will be presented to the Judge and a Final Judgement will be signed, without all of the exorbitant expenses of a fullblown trial.  

In some circumstances, court appearances are not ever required at all.   

Although this is always the ideal, it is not always possible when emotions are running high and there are significant financial interests at stake.  It is helpful to have an attorney who is both open and adept at amicable resolution, but also not afraid, or too busy, to present your case to the Judge in a trial.  

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