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Conservatorship / Guardianship

I will help you to carry this burden of needing a conservatorship for a near and dear one with compassion and guidance. 

Elderly, Disabled, and Children

This can either come in the form of an elderly or handicapped person who is no longer able to be responsible for their property or well-being, or a child who needs someone other than a biological parent to provide temporary or permanent care. 

Best Fit

Often times these cases or tricky because not all of the adults in the room may agree on who is the best person to provide the care that is needed to take on the responsibility for finances of an elderly person when there is an inheritance involved or life changing decisions that have to be make. 

The person charged as conservator over the person and/or property of another must handle their finances with honesty and respect and will be held to a high standard by the Court.  This person is also going to be making serious decisions regarding life support or other medical decisions for the family.