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I am a strong advocate for parents who want develop a relationship with their child, even though they have been absent or circumstances out of their control have prevented them from seeing their child for a long time.  It is never too late. All children deserve to have relationships with both parents despite any animosity or resistance flowing from the person actually raising the child. 

Out of Wedlock

If you have a child born out of wedlock, I will advise you to get a visitation schedule hammered out as soon as possible so that you do not surrender all of your power to the primary parent and allow you and your child’s relationship to be micromanaged or controlled by that person. 

I am a seasoned and crafty attorney when it comes to negotiating visitation schedules with the court.  We will discuss and take into consideration your child’s school and extra-curricular schedules; relationships with extended family; your work schedule; the distance you live from your child; and other dynamics that will affect the quality time you want with your child.  We will also discuss your personal situation, including your romantic partners; home environment; interests and activities and discuss the impact that this may have on negotiations or a Court’s decision.